Tzeporah Berman has a long record of leading and winning major environmental campaigns and negotiating significant policy victories. Now she is focused on curtailing the global oil and gas supply. She was a creator and lead negotiator of the Great Bear Rainforest agreement that protected 6 million hectares of old growth forests, co-founded (previously ForestEthics), and was co-director of Greenpeace’s Global Climate and Energy program where she led the creation of the Arctic campaign and a successful “Unfriend Coal” campaign to get Facebook, Apple and others to switch from coal to renewable energy for their data centers and to become an advocate for clean energy in the technology sector. She continues to help lead many corporate campaigns with, and is also an Adjunct Professor of the York University Faculty of Environmental Studies, the recipient of an honorary doctorate of laws from the University of British Columbia, was appointed to the BC Government Climate Leadership Team, and co-chaired Alberta’s Oilsands Advisory Working Group.

We selected Tzeporah for a 2019 award because she exemplifies a campaigner with the capacity to be bold and visionary while also staying committed to getting real-world results and finding opportunities to negotiate lasting victories. 

With Climate Breakthrough Project funding, she will be developing a strategic approach to limiting new oil and gas development globally to align with the UN Paris Agreement goals of a safe climate. Her vision includes national and sub-national policy campaigns, corporate purchasing policy commitments, and public narrative and movement building components. Her goal is to engineer a large reduction in new oil and gas development that will ensure huge amounts of carbon stay uncombusted and out of the atmosphere. We see Tzeporah’s work on fossil fuel supply reduction is a powerful and promising approach that can and should be paired with demand-side advocacy in order to minimize global fossil fuel production and consumption as quickly as possible.

We are excited to help a leader like Tzeporah get the time and resources she needs to develop a bold global strategy with huge potential to reduce emissions on a historic scale. We anticipate the launch of her first programs by early 2020. She will be housing her project within and working with numerous grassroots, policy, government, and corporate partners.